Noun Clause, As subject, object

Noun Clause

Adalah anak kalimat yang posisinya menempati posisi subject, object atau pelengkap dari subject. Ada beberapa tipe conjunction dari noun clause, diantaranya adalah:

  • Noun Clause dari statement/ pernyataan
  • Noun clause dari Yes/ no question
  • Noun Clause dari pernyataan dari kekaguman
  • Noun Clause dari command / perintah

Noun Clause dari Pernyataan (That)

Conjunction “That” disini bermakna “yang mana/ bahwasanya” . Posisi “that” disini biasanya di awal kalimat, di tengah.
contoh :
a. (That) I study English makes me happy.
b. I know (that) you are fussy.
c. Everyone’s problems are (that) they like eating fast food.

Noun Clause dari Yes/ No Question (If / Whether)

If dan whether bermakna “apakah” yang letaknya sebelum anak kalimat, dan ini bisa didalam posisi yes- no question, imperative. contoh:
a. I don’t know if I join the class or not.
b. I know whether people study English seriously or not.
c. Please see whether our students need anything else.

Ada juga verb “that” clause object bisa juga masuk ” whether” clause object dan kata kerja kata kerja ini sering terjadi pada bentuk negative, interrogative, atau impersetive.
1. Verb od indirenct speech : announce, ask, debate, explain, indicate, inquire, mention, reveal, say, state, suggest, tell. Contoh :

a. Did they say whether they were bringing book.
b. They never indicate whether they like the party.
2. Verb of mental activity : care, choose, consider, decide, determine, doubt, find, out, hear, judge, know, learn, notice, observe, see, wonder.
Contoh :
a. Please see whether the students are ready to go school.
b.I didn’t notice whether she was wearing her watch.
c. I wonder whether a head transplant from one to another person will ever be successful.

Noun Clause dari Pernyataan Heran (How and What)

How dan what disini di maksudkan “betapa”. Contoh kalimatnya adalah:
a. Every body has just realized how large kampung Inggris is.
b. I know how kind you are.

Noun Clause dari Perintah dan Permintaan (That)

That disini bermakna bahwa, biasanya (that) ini terletak sesudah kata perintah atau suruhan, seperti command, ask, have dll. Contoh:
a. I command that they play foot ball.
b. I ask that she brings my book.

Posisi – Posisi Noun Clause l Subject, object dan object of preposition

Kata ganti yang di gunakan seperti; Who, whoever, what, whatever, whom, whomever, which. Posisi noun clause sendiri sama dengan posisi noun pada umumnya, yaitu sebelum verb, atau object setelah verb.
Contoh :
Whom i call is my best friend.
S V Complement

I will intrerview whoever comes early.

She only waits for what teacher commands.
S V Prep Object of prep