Idiom Part 4

  • Down to earth (rendah hati dan realistis)

She’s a down-to-earth woman with no pretensions.

  • Castle in the sky (fantasi, harapan dalam hidup yang tidak bisa menjadi kenyataan)

You need sound financial advice and a strong plan if you’re going to start your own business—it can’t be all castles in the sky.

  • Many moons ago (dahulu kala/dulu)

We asked for this many moons ago and it is coming now because of a brilliant piece of investigative journalism.

  • Walking on air (merasa sangat bersemangat atau bahagia)

After the delivery of her baby, she was walking on air.

  • Gain ground (membuat progres)

He was gaining ground on the other riders in the race.

  • Make a mountain out of a molehill (memperbesar masalah)

You’re making a mountain out of a molehill. You wrote one bad essay – it doesn’t mean you’re going to fail.

  • Sail close to the wind (melakukan sesuatu yang berbahaya)

You were sailing a little close to the wind there when you made those remarks about his wife.

  • Lost at sea (bingung)

His family is going through a lot. Adam is only thirteen years old, and he feels “lost at sea.”

  • Go with the flow (lakukan apa yang orang lain lakukan atau setuju dengan pendapat orang lain)

When you’re new in a school, it’s easiest to just go with the flow for a while, and see what people are like.

  • Make waves (mencari perhatian dengan membuat masalah)

It’s probably not a good idea to start making waves in your first week in a new job.

  • Pour oil on troubled waters (melakukan atau mengatakan sesuatu untuk membuat orang berhenti berdebat dan menjadi lebih tenang)

My husband’s always arguing with my father, and I’m the one who has to pour oil on troubled waters.

  • Get into deep water (mengalami kesulitan)

Anthony has been getting into deep water with his creditors; if he doesn’t stop borrowing money, they’re going to take everything he owns.

  • A rising tide lifts all boats (saat situasi ekonomi dalam keadaan baik, semua orang yang terlibat akan mendapat keuntungan)

Thanks to the economy doing so well lately, our business has been booming.

I guess it’s really true what they say, that a rising tide lifts all boats.

  • Every cloud has a silver lining (setiap situasi sedih atau tidak menyenangkan memiliki sisi positif)

Every cloud has a silver lining, so we must ask who benefits from the demise of post offices, small newsagents and high street chemists.

  • Once in a blue moon (amat jarang)

My sister lives in Alaska, so I only see her once in a blue moon.

Semoga bermanfaat! Baca juga artikel lainnya ya guys!

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